Industry Partnerships

Together we succeed

Collaborative package design isn’t new, but it is powerful. Ongoing collaboration creates a potent idea pipeline bringing great solutions to market faster. The more knowledge applied to each project, the better the result.

Working with Inland Packaging, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our entire supplier network. We team up with the most forward-thinking companies who are as diligent as we are in uncovering new solutions. Our partners make the films, build the filling and labeling equipment, convert the packaging and mold the containers. By tapping into their expertise and sharing ours, nothing falls through the cracks.

As Inland and our supply chain partners collaborate behind the scenes, our customized innovation process puts branding strategies, creative energy and market-savvy solutions on the same team. This focused development approach yields packaging that delivers on the strategy, whether that strategy is breaking through visual clutter or breaking new ground with new functionality.

We co-develop solutions to solve specific challenges that are right for production and successful at retail. We share technical data. We troubleshoot. We invent. That’s how we deliver exceptional packaging solutions.



Our client has really come to trust both i4Color and Inland, and especially what we can do together. If the brand comes to us with something that just is not reproducible, we’ll give them a solution instead of just saying we can’t do it. What that does is really build confidence.

– Daryl Eifler / Owner/President, i4Color
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