Shrink Labels

An innovative and sustainable solution

The sheer visual impact of shrink labels is a good enough reason to use it. Brilliant color rendering and crisp detail make branding elements and photographic images pop.

Key shrink packaging advantages also include the ability to design around a unique or iconic shape. Appealing shapes demand attention in a retail merchandising environment where the effect is amplified. And they have a tactile appeal that differentiates the brand as a premium quality product.

The shrink category offers these advantages:

  • 360° of high-resolution graphics
  • Container shape options
  • Resistance to condensation or moisture

Unique advantages of shrink labels from Inland Packaging:

  • A wide range of shrink percentage from 15–65% for shape flexibility
  • We offer rotogravure printing for long run efficiencies and flexographic printing for economical short runs
  • We are the only manufacturer to use water-based inks for rotogravure, a more sustainable solution
  • Our higher-end graphics deliver finer lines, incredible detail, vignettes
  • Our wider range of specialty inks give you more color options
  • Design and transition support

Roll-fed shrink labels, an Inland exclusive!

From a total-applied-cost perspective, roll-fed shrink labels can save time and money. They reduce the labeling process down to only three steps— printing, slitting and application. Traditional shrink sleeves have five steps—printing, slitting, seaming, inspection and application.

Each shrink label is engineered to be as efficient as it is beautiful. We work closely with each OEM and film manufacturer to make this powerful label option as economical and efficient as possible.

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