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Three Things You Need to Know about Pressure Sensitive Labels

You may often ask, what are pressure sensitive labels?  Simply put, they are stickers.  Pressure sensitive labels (PSL — not to be confused with your seasonal pumpkin spice latte 😊) are used everywhere from food containers, beer can or bottles, toys, cannabis bottles, stand-up pouches, …

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Molly Robbins

Employee Spotlight: Molly Robbins, Customer Onboarding and Transition Specialist

We Power Great Packaging. You Power Us. At Inland Packaging, our employees are our greatest assets. Learn more about our team of energetic, passionate people who create breakthrough solutions that innovate the packaging industry on a daily basis! Name: Molly Robbins Location: La Crosse, WI What is …

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5 Types of Labels for Your Favorite Summer Products

Summer is officially here, and as we are busy with trips to the pool, summer vacations, and kids’ sporting events, we interact with many types of labels every day.  Each label type has its benefits and best serves the purpose of building the brands consumers …

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Hybrid Press

What is a Hybrid Press?

What is a Hybrid Press? Inland’s team has been on the edge of our seats awaiting the arrival of our new hybrid press.  Over the years, Inland has invested tens of millions of dollars into state-of-the-art equipment and improvements to our facilities from Heidelberg presses, …

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