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4 Misconceptions About Extended Gamut Printing

Extended gamut (also known as seven-color process) printing is a term that has most likely been mentioned to many brand owners such as yourself.  Your packaging supplier (*hand raise*) has brought this up a time or two in past discussions, but why?  As a brand …

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Why is the Nutrition Facts Panel Changing?

You are familiar with the black and white nutrition facts panel on the back of your favorite products, but what some of you may not know is that it will be getting a new and improved look. Some brands have already started to make the …

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Inland Celebrates 75 Years: Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future – Part 3

Well, that is a wrap! Summer is half over and our month of 75th Anniversary celebrations is over!  We had a great time celebrating at each of our locations with fun stories around the history of Inland and how we came to be the company …

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75th Anniversary Blog

Inland Celebrates 75 Years: Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future – Part 2

This month we celebrate 75 years of Inland being in the Glendenning family.  We are taking a walk down memory lane this month sharing fun memories and old photos (there are some doozies!) with our employees and Inland community. 1973 – 2003 // Jack Glendenning …

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Brand Protection Presentation Video

In case you missed it, watch our Pack Expo 2017 Innovation Stage presentation: Brand Protection That Doesn't Undermine Package Aesthetics here.