Sustainable packaging options and guidance

Sustainability isn’t just a passing trend. As more and more companies pledge to do their best to be more environmentally friendly, there are more sustainable options for packaging.

We regularly advise customers on ways to reduce waste and save costs on their packaging. Whether that’s switching to a new material, downgauging (thinning the material), running combo jobs, or using an eco-friendly technology like PureWash™.

Just like you we are taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet. We employ these practices and others internally to reduce the use of resources and save cost:

  • Recycle heat exhausted from our presses to heat our facilities
  • Use a closed loop water system to reduce the need for compressed air
  • Employ a water-based gravure ink system and soy based offset ink system, which is healthier for our employees, and greatly reduces the use of petroleum-based chemicals

We make it a point to partner with other companies who place a high importance on reducing their carbon footprint as well.  We received a Silver Sustainability rating from EcoVadis in 2023.  We are also a founding member of a sustainability group, The Sustainability Institute, a regional consortium which provides leadership and education on sustainability for businesses

To see the sustainability goals we accomplished in 2023, view the report below.

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