Shrink Sleeves

Deliver high impact graphics with shrink sleeves

Take your product’s look to the next level with a label that hugs every curve of your container. With 360° branding you can’t go wrong with shrink sleeves.

Inland offers a wide range of shrink percentages, from 15-65%. Allowing you to use uniquely shaped containers that set your products apart on the shelf. Give consumers the added benefit of easy to hold container shapes or add a single or double perforation for easy-to-open and recyclability ease.

No matter the run size, shrink has an option for you. Rotogravure provides cost efficient long-runs while flexographic or digital printing produces economic short-runs.

High resolution graphics and crisp detail make your design pop with our HD flexography. We can provide you a sample of your label on your container by using our shrink tunnel. If you are curious to see what your label looks like before printing, we can also provide a 3D rendering of your label on the container. Enhance the visual impact of your shrink sleeves with any of our material and design options:

  • PETG, PVC, or OPS
  • Roll-fed MDO, formed sleeve TDO, or sheeted sleeves for smaller runs
  • Metallic inks
  • Cold foil
  • Matte or gloss coatings

Roll-fed Shrink Labels

From a cost perspective, roll-fed shrink labels can save time and money. They reduce the labeling process down to only three steps, instead of the 5 it takes to make shrink sleeves.

Each shrink label is engineered to be as efficient as it is beautiful. We work closely with each OEM and film manufacturer to make this powerful label option as economical and efficient as possible.

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