The Inland Story

From trusted local supplier to trusted global partner

There is something different about Inland.

A leader in advanced packaging technology, Inland Packaging has an impressive track record. Over seven decades, we have expanded dramatically into new products and new markets. Our trajectory of success is a point of pride, but it didn’t happen spontaneously.

It’s a long story. Inland first rose to prominence as the premier label supplier for big beer and craft brands and since built a reputation for sophisticated flexible, in-mold and pressure sensitive solutions. Through three generations of family ownership, we have sustained our focus on creating value for food, beverage and consumer product packaging customers.

An innovation story. Inland is known for strategic approaches that add unique value. Our proprietary custom innovation process uncovers new brand-building opportunities using technology such as smart packaging features and advanced variable data digital printing. We work collaboratively, leveraging the collective knowledge of top-tier supply chain partners to create best-in-class solutions.

An investment story. Our tradition of inquiry and problem-solving—plus our substantial investment in new technology—have dramatically expanded our capabilities and make our culture of innovation possible. Investing in systems such as flexographic printing, offset, rotogravure and digital gives our customers unparalleled choices.

Our investment in cutting-edge software multiplies those choices. Now, each piece of a production run can be unique, making limited-time or test market promotional packaging not only possible but cost-effective.

Most of all, we are about solutions. Brands have hundreds, if not thousands, of ongoing challenges—more shelf presence, greater durability, convenience, consumer-friendliness, lead time, versioning, color integrity, inventory control. It’s why we continue to build on our capabilities. We’re ready for your next innovation.  Learn more by downloading the Inland at a Glance infographic.

We like the fact that they’re independent, family-owned which means more stability.

– A food manufacturer
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