Food Packaging

Food packaging that serves functionality

When you partner with Inland, we will deliver on what’s important for your food packaging. Inland can help you meet food contact safety, moisture resistance and anything else your brand requires within our BRC certified facilities.

We work with food products that are in every aisle of the store and can recommend substrates, size, shape, ink and coating combinations to expand functionality and visual impact. Inland has a labeling solution for you no matter how your product is packaged:

  • Pressure sensitive: Achieves any look with any material container
  • Shrink labels: Highlights your unique container shape and offers perforations for easy recyclability
  • Cut and stack: Limitless design and shape options for any container
  • In-Mold (IML)Extends shelf life and shows all-surface branding
  • Flexible packaging: Adds convenience customers are sure to appreciate
  • Peel and Reseal: Easy-to-open and protects freshness

No matter the container, label type or material, our proprietary InColor system and G7 certification ensure consistency for your packaging. Contact Inland today and see how a partnership with us can take your food packaging to the next level.

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We have been extremely impressed with both Inland’s quality and service. The transition to Inland was seamless and the difference in print quality is extraordinary. There is a noticeable difference on shelf between Inland’s labels and those from our previous supplier. The graphic quality is excellent and the colors are much more vibrant.

– Hector Macdonald / Vice President Packaging Division, Source Wurx
Product Labels