Food Packaging

Gone in 60 seconds

Thanks to great food packaging, some items jump off the shelves much faster.

The food products we brand are found in deli, produce, frozen foods and every aisle in the store. They strut their stuff—the cheesiest, fruitiest, creamiest and most refreshing tastes, all communicated effectively with Inland’s help.

Exciting developments in food packaging are taking shape right now in Inland labs. We’re creating convenience features that reshape consumer habits and flexible packaging that fits people’s needs, no matter when or where they take your product.

Collaborating with our extensive network of supply chain partners, Inland provides original, end-to-end solutions for your specific requirements. We work with many processes, materials, techniques and technologies. Our ability to work collaboratively with supply chain partners means we go beyond delivering our piece of your packaging. We deliver the solution.

Inland is the ideal partner for packaging that incorporates:

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We have been extremely impressed with both Inland’s quality and service. The transition to Inland was seamless and the difference in print quality is extraordinary. There is a noticeable difference on shelf between Inland’s labels and those from our previous supplier. The graphic quality is excellent and the colors are much more vibrant.

– Hector Macdonald / Vice President Packaging Division, Source Wurx
Product Labels