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Tilia Case Study

Case Study: The Case for Increased Efficiencies

The Phoenix software has provided benefits to everyone involved, including the customer. Now that Inland can make plates for the printing presses faster than ever before, lead times for customers are shorter. The software also gives customers better pricing because it can determine the optimal layout for printing. The automation of the program reduces human error, making Inland more accurate. Now that the multiple benefits from Phoenix have been experienced, Inland and Tilia labs have established a partnership that allows them to look at other ways software can help streamline processes.

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Case Study with Flexible Packaging

Case Study: We Do Heat: A Like-Minded Collaboration

Inland and Exothermix’s like-minded, technology-driven mindsets support their mutual goals for growth while innovating together and improving the end product. The collaboration to produce a product with an innovative technology such as this would not have been possible without capitalizing on the technical skillsets of both company’s like-minded teams and their supply chain.

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Punch'd Energy Punch'd Gummies Pouch

Case Study: A Redesign with Punch

Customer feedback showed that the packaging didn’t speak to their target market. The bright green single serve package was geared towards college kids. Turns out the clean ingredients and organic approach appealed to health conscious women and moms. They needed a package that better connected with busy, on-the-go moms.

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catawba case study

Case Study: The Case for Labeled Cans

To start diversifying their packaging portfolio Catawba Brewing Co. was interested in adding aluminum cans. Yet, as a growing craft brewing facility, minimum quantity orders for printed cans were crippling. As a result, Catawba paired with Inland to create clear pressure sensitive labels for cans.

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Case Study: Redesign Made Easy

When faced with the most significant brand redesign since its initial launch two decades earlier, Blue Moon Brewing Co. knew they needed a printing partner who could accurately match the color consistency of their new digital targets and cooperatively discover ways to give their new labels just the right look.

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Occult product innovation case study, illuminated packaging by Inland

Case Study: An Illuminated Launch

With more than three decades of supplier partnership, Inland was invited to present to the AB InBev global innovation team. The initial presentation lead to an opportunity with the AB InBev Oculto® brand, a lager blended with beer aged in tequila barrel staves. To further the brand’s personality of mystery, intrigue and seduction, Oculto was interested in an illuminated bottle design featuring smart label technology.

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Case Study: Achieving Zero Waste

The supply chain development team for Nestlé’s new Nesquik® container achieved targeted sustainability and cost reduction goals by building on prior solutions and solving technical problems as a group. The collaboration eliminated a secondary labeling operation, reduced materials used, eliminated waste and contributed to a streamlined, highly automated production process.

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Case Study: Collaborating on Plan B

Several supply chain partners collaborated on the design of a new pail for Purina Tidy Cats® using IML packaging technology. Redesign parameters for the pail included aggressive targets for lower total cost. The solution considered all phases of production and the transitions between them. The approach discarded unnecessary constraints, allowing for more out-of-the-box thinking.

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Case Study: Feasibility Team

The partnership between Inland and packaging services company i4Color creates additional value for the CPG client they jointly serve. As their level of involvement in packaging development became more integral and began earlier, the process became more streamlined. The combined production expertise contributed to quality and to total cost reduction.

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Case Study: Partnership through Transition

Simultaneously re-establishing and strengthening the relationship with a major beer industry customer through mergers and reorganizations became a crucible for Inland. It prompted the company to proactively examine its approach to customer relationships, its value as a supplier partner and the need to communicate more effectively.

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