Who We Are

Our culture is in our DNA

No need for a nature vs. nurture conversation. Inland’s guiding principles are in complete harmony with what we do day-to-day. They aren’t tucked away somewhere. Inland’s values are embraced.

  • Be a reliable, trusted partner customers can depend on and to help them realize aspirations they have for their brand
  • Form collaborative relationships, focusing all available resources on a customer’s packaging challenge
  • Seek new solutions, processes and opportunities within the packaging market by constantly advancing our capabilities
  • Nurture, inspire and develop individual employees so they receive personal satisfaction from their work
  • Create an open, respectful environment where information is shared and teamwork is encouraged
  • Improve our community by contributing to its economic, social and environmental life, as an organization and as individuals.
  • Integrate continuous process improvement, standardization and analysis into every area of our operations
  • Distinguish ourselves with breakthroughs that produce exceptional customer solutions
Product Labels