Who We Are

Leading label manufacturer in North America

Through three generations of family ownership Inland has invested in great employees, new markets, new products, and state-of-the-art equipment to become an award winning label manufacturer. We have invested back into the company to add additional capabilities in our five facilities.

Through our investments we have expanded beyond cut and stack labels and now supply shrink, pressure sensitive, IML, peel and reseal labels, in addition to a flexible packaging portfolio. We’ve grown our print capabilities to include gravure, offset, flexographic, & digital printing to meet all of your label needs.

We know a transition to a new label supplier can be difficult, but we provide a transition specialist and technical services representative to ensure your label business is seamlessly moved from your current supplier to Inland.

Our strong focus on partnerships and customer service is maintained through our values. They are present in our day to day activities and are in complete harmony with what we do.

Inland’s values

  • Be a reliable, trusted partner customers can depend on and to help them realize aspirations they have for their brand
  • Form collaborative relationships, focusing all available resources on a customer’s packaging challenge
  • Seek new solutions, processes and opportunities within the packaging market by constantly advancing our capabilities
  • Nurture, inspire and develop individual employees so they receive personal satisfaction from their work
  • Create an open, respectful environment where information is shared and teamwork is encouraged
  • Improve our community by contributing to its economic, social and environmental life, as an organization and as individuals.
  • Integrate continuous process improvement, standardization and analysis into every area of our operations
  • Distinguish ourselves with breakthroughs that produce exceptional customer solutions
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