Color Management

Stunning brand colors through color management

You spend countless hours choosing colors to help convey your brand’s message and they should be represented on your packaging and labels. Inland knows color management is important to you.  At Inland, we have decades of experience in custom color printing that goes hand in hand with our 4 color process system. Now, we are proud to present InColor, a state of the art color control and management system.

InColor is the entire process from pre-press all the way through the press run. All color adjustments take place during the proofing stage so there is no need for color adjustment on press, saving you trips to our facility for press approvals. What you see on the proof is what you will see on press.

Inland’s InColor system is truly innovative because our color control system is built into our state of the art presses, making the entire system automated, efficient, and accurate. From the moment your graphics are inserted into our workflow, one comprehensive software package directs color conversion, plate output, press set-up and color control during printing.

Your label and package is the one piece of branding your customers are guaranteed to see when purchasing your product. To beat the clutter on retail shelves you need bright and accurate colors representing your brand.

“We have been extremely impressed with both Inland’s quality and service. The transition to Inland was seamless and the difference in print quality is extraordinary. There is a noticeable difference on shelf between Inland’s labels and those from our previous supplier. The graphic quality is excellent and the colors are much more vibrant.” - Food Customer

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