Peel and Reseal

It’s an open and shut case with peel and reseal

Peel and reseal labels offer your product the element of convenience all while ensuring branding remains intact and at your consumers’ fingertips time and time again.  These labels are a lidding system that allows a package to be peeled back to provide or reveal a product, and then resealed to preserve the product for use at a later time.  Resealable labels are a highly engineered packaging option that involve precision die cuts.

Resealable labels offer an abundance of benefits for packaging:

  • Clear window to showcase freshness for natural deli meats, salads, and artisanal products
  • Moisture barrier for confectionery, health and beauty
  • Improved freshness and extended shelf life, from deli to dairy
  • Portability and ease of use with an ideal branding surface for produce and fruit
  • Microwavable adhesive offering
  • Tamper-evident features for any food product
  • Even the decorated outside layer is safe for indirect food contact

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