Inland Packaging Beer Labels

99 billion beer labels on the wall…

Our core business for many years has been supplying high quality cut and stack and pressure sensitive beer labels to the leading brands. In that time, we’ve seen it all, from no-label looks to mountains turning blue (we played a big part in making that happen).

Being so close to the beer industry has its advantages. We know things, like the history of a unique brand promise. We know the quirks of labeling equipment, and which substrate, ink and coating combinations breeze through a production line best.

Our insights make us a great partner in new beer label development. We have our own customized innovation process to discover new ways of communicating your brand. We’ll get your vision and help you realize it.

Inland is a Certified G7 Master Printer with our own proprietary color management system that continues to impress brand owners and trade groups alike. Plus, we are extraordinarily attuned to your needs as a bottler, from branding to operations, shipping and distribution and the retail environment.

When our technical services staff hits the road, all our beer industry knowledge comes with them. We are uniquely experienced to support your great brew and the label it wears to market.

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Customer service is excellent! My account manager goes above and beyond and we are lucky to have her.

– John Jordan / Operations Analyst, Boston Beer Company
Product Labels