How We Work

Seasoned with inspiration

Everyone at Inland knows why we do things the way we do, because how we work is important. Our people see a real pride and internalize it. It’s not the Midwest work ethic, although we don’t mind being respected for how hard we work. It’s better than that, even inspired.

We have frequent conversations about aligning our practices with our values. We keep honing, refining. We talk about the magic that happens when people collaborate, and feel the energy when we are part of a development team. We are always searching, learning and finding ways to make our work product better.

We know how to make things work. And we pay attention to things that work remarkably well so we can make the most of it, learn from it, and apply it to the next project for the next customer. That’s how you build expertise.

How we work is unique to us. It is a combination of our processes, watchful eyes, excitement in creating something new and commitment to doing things well. With each repeated trip to a grocery or big box store, every Inland family member comes to learn which product packaging was developed and produced here. The pride comes through every time.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a product in a store and saying you had a part in that.

– Becky Stinson / Converter Slitter Operator, Inland
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