Private Label Brands

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Private label brands packaging has the same challenges as those faced by national brands. The need for differentiation, brand integrity, and visual impact on consumers in the retail environment. The need for impact at retail is especially acute since the advertising budget gap between private label brands and name brands is so large.

Consumers increasingly balance their perception of quality with cost. They shop carefully. Private label brands can reap rewards by choosing the label and packaging partner that directly addresses their priorities. With our broad capabilities and production efficiencies, Inland is experienced in meeting the needs of private label brand owners in a way that not many other packaging companies can.

Among the many advantages we offer store brands:

  • Brilliant and consistent brand communication using our proprietary InColor color management system
  • Value engineering for cost-effective solutions
  • End-to-end solution and support
  • Diverse label and packaging options to meet the needs of diverse product lines
  • Innovation for the consumer
  • Onsite technical support to optimize production
  • A customized inventory management system

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Private Label Brands

Inland is going to listen to you. They’re going to hear you, and then they are just going to get the job done.

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