In-Mold Labels (IML)

IML is the perfect merger of label and container

IML — a product package’s dream come true.  Offering all surface branding (even the bottom), structural integrity, and lightweight containers.  Unlike other label types that must be applied to a finished container, IML and blow mold labels are placed in the mold and become a part of the plastic container wall itself providing a no-label look to the product. The result is a container specific to the product, with ideal size, placement and shape of the label for maximum brand impact.

In-Mold labels are a sustainable option due to the fact that the label and the container are made from the same plastic resin. This allows the label to become a part of the actual container and allows for easy recyclability.

It’s no coincidence we devoted the last fourteen years (2006) to refining the IML (in-mold labeling) process and unlocking its potential. Inland is now the premier North American IML leader.  Our expertise consists of  in-mold labeling solutions that include: pre-die cut, roll-fed IML, as well as blow mold packaging.

In-mold labeling advantages with Inland Packaging:

  • Crisp, brilliant, color-accurate graphics
  • Clear or opaque substrates
  • Cut and stack or roll-fed labels
  • Offset, gravure, flexo or digital print options
  • FDA compliant substrates, inks and coatings for food and beverage
  • Environmentally friendly inks and coatings
  • Metallic inks
  • Fast turnaround times for increased speed-to-market
  • Proven to perform better during the molding process
  • Outstanding technical and transition support

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