Quality Assurance

This is personal

Quality label printing isn’t only a set of technical standards, a program, a department or a lab facility (ours is excellent, by the way). When it’s your label, it becomes about your own brand’s integrity, and it gets personal.

We’re obsessed with every aspect of quality but color management is at its core. All color adjustments take place during the proofing stage so there is never a need for color adjustment on press. You get consistent, high-quality label printing every run.

The assurance you get when working with Inland comes from:

  • InColor (view InColor infographic), a best-in-class, proprietary color management system that safeguards brand integrity across multiple printing platforms
  • G7 Master Certification and a brand color matching ability that sets us apart
  • Continuous improvement initiatives that identify specific targets and protocols to reach them
  • Industry-leading color tolerances from proof to press within 2 delta E
  • Proof to proof color tolerance within 1 delta E
  • A reputation for halls full of awards for excellence

Inland employees are professionals who care about providing the highest quality packaging for a product of every kind, from startups to leading national brands,  where it counts: on retail shelves and in the hands of your consumers.

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