Quality Assurance

We deliver quality label printing every order

High standards ensure high quality. We ship labels and packaging in excess of 99% defect free. We’re obsessed with every aspect of quality but color management is at our core. All color adjustments are done in prepress during the proofing stage so there is never a need for color adjustment on press. You get consistent labels every order.

The quality label printing you see when working with Inland comes from:

  • InColor, a best-in-class, proprietary color management system
  • G7 Master Certification and a brand color matching ability that sets us apart
  • Continuous improvement initiatives that identify specific targets and protocols to reach them
  • Industry-leading color tolerances from proof to press within 2 delta E
  • Proof to proof color tolerance within 1 delta E

Inland employees are professionals who care about providing quality labels and packaging for all of your products. We make your packaging look great where it matters, on the retail shelves and in the hands of your consumers.

Product Labels