Creating custom labels through industry partnerships

At Inland Packaging, our number one priority has always been customer satisfaction.  Working with Inland, you’ll benefit from the partnerships we have with our entire supplier network. Our partners make the films, build the filling and labeling equipment, convert the packaging and mold the containers. By tapping into their expertise and sharing ours, nothing falls through the cracks.

We co-develop solutions to solve specific challenges. We share technical data. We troubleshoot. We invent. That’s how we deliver exceptional custom labels and packaging.



Our client has really come to trust both i4Color and Inland, and especially what we can do together. If the brand comes to us with something that just is not reproducible, we’ll give them a solution instead of just saying we can’t do it. What that does is really build confidence.

– Daryl Eifler / Owner/President, i4Color
Product Labels