Inland has presented packaging technology seminars and technical sessions on numerous label and packaging topics at a variety of industry conferences.

One of the most popular presentations is Label School, which provides a solid foundation for brand management and industry partners considering new packaging solutions.

Now you can gain access to all of Inland’s label and packaging presentations.

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Decorating Plastics Packaging and Label Solutions

Decorating Plastics – Label & Packaging Solutions

View an informational session on the various decoration solutions available for your plastic packaging. We will dive into the pros and cons of each packaging type, an assessment on sustainability expected investment costs, as well as how Inland can guide you in your decision for the best decoration solution for your packaging.

Brand Protection Presentation

Brand Protection That Doesn't Undermine Brand Aesthetics

In this presentation we cover brand security options product stakeholders can utilize without negatively impacting their packaging or shelf appeal. Increased threats and regulatory requirements push brands to seek out security options. This session aims to demonstrate the variety of options available.

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Product Decoration Trends with Pressure Sensitive Labels

What’s the latest for pressure sensitive labels? In this webinar we cover PSL product decoration trends for food, beverage and household products.

smart packaging pack expo 2016

Smart Packaging - What's the Reality?

Global demand for active and intelligent packaging is forecasted to expand 7.5 percent annually to $7.6 billion by 2021. In this presentation we aim to answer the question most brands are asking – what’s the reality of smart packaging?

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