Household Products

The total package is the one that lasts

Each household product has its challenge: ease of filling, a smooth production line, stackability and convenience are often on the list. But durable branding tops them all.

The rigors of production, shipping and merchandising are tough enough on one-time-use packaging, but much more is required of a cleaning or personal care product with a 30-time useful life. Luckily, durability is in our wheelhouse.

A package that starts out gorgeous but ends up tattered does your brand no favors. Scuff and water resistance, dimensional strength and good label adhesion are branding essentials…. as much as a logo that conforms to exacting color standards.

Inland’s highly capable research and development teams—including the engineering and chemistry staff—regularly collaborate with supply chain partners to develop the right combinations of inks and coatings for any set of durability challenges, some of them highly customized.

Our consumer packaging options incorporate:

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Household Products

We have encountered out-of-gamut plots that have been pitched all the way up to the VP in the brand group, so they’ve already blessed those colors. The good news is Inland is able to hit them.

– Daryl Eifler / Owner/President, i4Color
Product Labels