The perfect merger of label and container

Both gorgeous and durable, IML wins the beauty pageant, then grabs the kickboxing title.

Since the label is integral to the container, neither handling or shipment-induced scuffing can compromise its good looks. It’s strong and resilient, so it protects product like nothing else.

It’s no coincidence we devoted the last decade to refining the IML (in-mold labeling) process and unlocking its potential. Our R&D approach is to co-develop solutions in collaboration with molders, automation and materials suppliers. Along the way, we developed the capacity to advance the technology in entirely new directions. Inland is now the premier North American IML leader.

In-mold labeling is more than beautiful and durable. It’s also highly efficient. It allows you to eliminate a separate label application step and move right from molding to filling. Applications are seemingly endless. Yogurt containers and durable goods like motorcycle parts are all candidates for this versatile packaging solution.

Our expertise has also generated a unique and innovative option: pre-die cut, roll-fed IML, creating new possibilities for high volume, low-SKU products. Roll-fed labeling can use thinner gauge films and provide significant cost savings when used for the right applications.

In-mold labeling at a glance:

  • All-surface branding, even the bottom
  • Shape versatility
  • Extreme structural integrity and durability
  • Absolute label adherence
  • Space optimization
  • No need for secondary packaging
  • Light weight

In-mold labeling advantages with Inland Packaging:

  • Crisp, brilliant graphics
  • Clear, metalized or opaque substrates
  • Choice of cut and stack or roll-fed labels
  • Offset, gravure, flexo or digital print options
  • FDA compliant substrates, inks and coatings for food and beverage
  • Environmentally friendly inks and coatings
  • Metallic and temperature-activated color changing inks
  • Fast turnaround times for increased speed-to-market
  • Proven to perform better during the molding process
  • Microwaveable
  • HPP and pasteurization tolerable

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