Transition Support

“Smoothest transition ever” for a new customer’s product packaging

That’s what we like to hear. Many of our customers have been amazed at how easy it was to transition their business to Inland.  Luckily, it’s all familiar territory for us.   At Inland, you will have a dedicated Customer Onboarding and Transition Specialist by your side.  They will work cross-functionally with Inland teams and yours to provide you with a seamless transition.

Your Specialist will meet with you and be the project lead from day one of your transition. They connect you with the Inland team and assist with all phases of the onboarding process. They oversee every detail from customer set up, material qualifications, transitioning of artwork, and initial production runs to ensure nothing is missed. The Specialist communicates your expectations for artwork, plant requirements, and expected timelines until your business is seamlessly transitioned.

We support your implementation in the production environment by looking ahead and applying everyone’s collective knowledge. We engage our supply chain partners—substrate, ink, coating, automation, and molding— to help us anticipate the issues that can slow production. One customer even insists our technical teams know his equipment better than he does.

We’re successful in supporting you because we know there is no such thing as an insignificant detail. Nothing gets past us, so it can’t get past you.

As the Onboarding & Transition Specialist, you were a great asset for us in making sure that the transition went smoothly and without any hiccups. Having an additional person in the process sets Inland apart from the competition and I am sure many other customers see it the same way.

– Simon Busch / Dietz & Watson
Product Labels