Need some serious experience for your next product packaging solution?

Your product packaging matters. Whether you’re a leading consumer brand or an up-and-coming private label, the aspirations you have for your brand go beyond an expectation of quality.

We help your packaging cut through the clutter and clearly communicate your brand story, with production-tested, end-to-end label and container solutions. We are the go-to partner for beverage, beer, food, household, dairy, pet product packaging and more—and we’re with you through ideation, development, transition and production.

New at Inland

  • Sustainable Packaging Can Save the Planet

    Sustainable Packaging Can Save the Planet

    Today is Earth Day which gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about sustainability and sustainable packaging. In order to preserve our Earth, we need to ask what we can do to be sustainable. When considering your packaging two biggest components for sustainability are minimizing …»
  • Inland Celebrates 75 Years: Our Past, Our Present and Our Future

    Inland Celebrates 75 Years: Our Past, Our Present and Our Future

    We are thrilled to share that Inland is celebrating 75 years of business this year!  I know, doesn’t it feel like just yesterday when we were celebrating our 70th Anniversary?  We’re excited to spend the year reflecting back on the Inland story and celebrating how …»
  • Power Your Brand     

    Power Your Brand     

    We closed out 2018 with another record-breaking number of packaging awards a record-breaking number of registrants for our “Labels + Packaging = Power for Your Brand” webinar.  The basis of our webinar was to share how brands can utilize labels and packaging to set themselves apart …»

Upcoming Events

  • Craft Brewers Conference 2019

    Craft Brewers Conference 2019

    Join Inland at Craft Brewers Conference April 8th – 11th in Denver, CO. Inland will be hosting a sponsorship presentation titled “Build Your Brand – Craft a Killer Label” at this year’s conference, on Tuesday, April 9th at 11:30 in Room 401.    Every craft …
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