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Your product packaging matters. Whether you’re a leading consumer brand or an up-and-coming private label, the aspirations you have for your brand go beyond an expectation of quality.

We help your packaging cut through the clutter and clearly communicate your brand story, with production-tested, end-to-end label and container solutions. We are the go-to partner for beverage, beer, food, household, dairy, pet product packaging and more—and we’re with you through ideation, development, transition and production.

New at Inland

  • Power Your Brand     

    Power Your Brand     

    We closed out 2018 with another record-breaking number of packaging awards a record-breaking number of registrants for our “Labels + Packaging = Power for Your Brand” webinar.  The basis of our webinar was to share how brands can utilize labels and packaging to set themselves apart …»
  • Inland Packaging Recognized for 19 Industry Awards in 2018

    Inland Packaging Recognized for 19 Industry Awards in 2018

    Inland’s labels and packaging were recognized with 19 awards Inland is very happy to share that 2018 has been another successful year for us. Our labels and packaging have received 19 awards this year from four leading industry organizations back to back years. Inland was …»
  • What’s a Spec(ification)?

    What’s a Spec(ification)?

    As a label and packaging manufacturer, the term “spec” gets thrown around our facilities quite often in varying contexts.  Before we dig into what a spec is at the world of Inland, let’s get to the basics — what does our good friend Merriam-Webster offer …»

Upcoming Events

  • Winter Fancy Food Show

    Winter Fancy Food Show

    See & Taste the Future of Food! What are the next big food trends? Come taste them for yourself! There’s no better place for that than the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show. 80,000+ specialty foods & beverages Thousands of new products Industry’s top networking events …
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