Pressure Sensitive Labels

You can have it all with pressure sensitive labels

Container compatibility, sustainability, functionality, and design embellishments are all achievable with pressure sensitive labels (PS labels). If you have a squeezable, clear, or contoured container, PS labels will be sure to stick.

These sticker-like labels can be die-cut into unique shapes and adorned with an assortment of design embellishments like tactile varnish, foil stamping, textured inks, super opaque white ink, and matte coatings. Mixing design embellishments with different materials ranging from white, craft and metalized papers to clear or metalized films will give you an attention-grabbing combination.

We know that sustainability and functionality are top of mind for brand owners everywhere. To help you reach your sustainability goals we offer PureWash™, a sustainable adhesive. Your customers will appreciate added functionalities like peel and reseal, dry peel, and perforations.

Our continued investment in this label category lets us meet any run size, from long-run flexography to short-run digital. Still have questions? Use the live chat feature to the right or contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have!

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Pressure Sensitive
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