Pressure Sensitive Labels

You can have it all with pressure sensitive labels

Pressure sensitive labels (PS labels) are the perfect fit for your labeling needs. These self-adhesive labels are compatible with almost any container material, shape and size. Even if the container is squeezable, clear, or contoured, PS labels will be sure to stick.

PS labels provide different ways to add benefits and functionality to your products. Try resealabe, peel and reseal, dry peel and perforations to differentiate your product.

Above all PS labels have flexible run sizes. From short-run digital to long-run flexography, PS labels will always make economic sense.

Vibrant PS labels will make your product pop off the shelf. Incorporate any of our design or material options to enhance your graphics:

  • Tactile varnish and matte coating
  • Foil stamping
  • Textured inks
  • Super Opaque White Ink
  • Backside printing
  • Recyclable PS options with wash-away adhesive
  • White, craft and metalized paper
  • Clear and metalized film

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Pressure Sensitive
Product Labels

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