MyPortal – Inland 24/7

Customer service is one of Inland’s core values and we created this tool with customers in mind. We wanted to streamline the process for ordering to make managing your label supply convenient. Inland’s MyPortal allows customers to order online, access timely information 24/7, and access their account management team through a standardized platform.

MyPortal also gives you the ability to manage SKUs, review your order history, approve quotes, and track shipments. Your account manager will still be by your side to help you use the portal and keep things running smoothly. The portal gives you an easy and accurate way to record information and manage your label supply. The platform can even prevent you from ordering an incorrect amount of labels or use old artwork!

Using our ordering platform will free up time for you and your account manager. Once you’ve used MyPortal a few times you’ll see how quick ordering labels can be!

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Check out our MyPortal brochure and infographic here!



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