Inland’s MyPortal: Frequently Asked Questions

by Kimberly Young

You Asked.  We Answered.

MyPortal has been an online portal project for many years in the making at Inland.  We’ve combined collective insight with our Sales, Account Management, and IT teams to create a customer empowerment tool that is unparalleled to any in the industry.

Gasp.  Mid-meeting, I am asking myself “Did I submit that PO for our new shrink sleeve product launch?”  Ugh, I’m stuck in this meeting for another 2 hours, I can’t leave to call my account manager now.  The wheels are turning between “yes I did” and “wait, no I didn’t” thoughts of uncertainty and instant sweats and panic are setting in.  How am I going to focus on this new software training not knowing if I submitted that PO.

…wait a second.  Inland has a portal that I can pull up RIGHT now during my training, and no one will know the difference.  *feverishly clicking/typing*  YES! The order was submitted and is due to ship in a week.  *sigh of relief*

Let’s be honest.  We’ve all been woken mid-REM-sleep or had that thought pop in your head mid-meeting needing an answer NOW.  Whether it is about your packaging, your child’s Halloween costume, or Grandma Judy’s birthday present… it’s happened.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with Grandma Judy’s birthday gift, but the portal is guaranteed to provide the following:

  • Online ordering
  • Access to timely and accurate data 24/7
  • Access to your account management team through a new communications platform

It is almost 2020 and instant gratification and convenience is an expectation to us as consumers and it’s no different for our Inland customers.  Inland values our customers, and this tool was created with them in mind.  It will provide a more efficient, convenient, and accurate process for ordering.  As some customers have started to utilize the portal, a few common questions have come up.  Let’s talk through them and help you learn more about how the portal works.

Why should I use the portal?  What is the benefit for me?

At Inland, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and this tool is an extension of just that.  MyPortal connects your business with Inland 24/7.  The above example is just one instance where the portal can come through in a moment of doubt.  It is more than simply an ordering platform, it is a one-stop-shop for you to access information for label ordering, manage SKUs, review order history, review and approve quotes, and track shipments.  As awesome as each of our account managers are, how great will it be to have endless information about your business at the click of a button!

Speaking of account managers, with the use of MyPortal, will I still have an account manager on our account?

Yes, absolutely!  Your account manager is critical to the success of your account.  The utilization of MyPortal will simplify the process and free up time for your AM to work on larger projects that will bring additional value to your account, but rest assured your account manager isn’t going anywhere!

Will this save me time?

This tool streamlines the ordering process from start to finish.  All new processes take time to get adjusted to.  We understand the first order or two that you process through MyPortal may take a bit longer than you are used to, but bear with us!  Your account manager is by your side to walk through the process and answer any questions until you are completely comfortable!  As time goes on, you will find that this MyPortal will become more efficient than your current ordering process.  Not only will this be a more efficient use of your time, but the portal also provides an extra layer of accuracy during your ordering process.  As we’ve mentioned before, we are human and mistakes can be made.  The portal allows for accuracy and eliminates that chance of accidentally ordering too many (or too few) labels or even an out of date version of artwork!

Can I upload my order into the portal?

YES!  That is actually one of the most recent advancements that we have added to MyPortal’s capabilities and is what we would consider best practice.    It is as simple as exporting your order into an excel spreadsheet and uploading it into the system with a few clicks of a button!

MyPortal is many years in the making but we are always improving the portal to add additional capabilities to best serve our customers. So, if you are on the portal, and you have a wish list, TELL US.  We’ll add it to the list of future advancements.  If you aren’t utilizing the portal currently, why not?   Reach out to your sales representative or account manager today and we will show you the ropes.  Is an online portal on your wish list, but your current supplier doesn’t have the capability?  We are here for you!  Let’s Talk!