Visual Impact

Finding the one

Visual impact matters. Two-thirds of purchase decisions are made at retail, where overcoming clutter can be a tall order.

What “one” packaging solution—the combination of color, crisp images, quality feel, tactile appeal and spacious real estate for iconic brand elements—communicates your brand story and cuts through that clutter?

Working with your brand team, we combine materials and processes so your design can break through. Then, we give you total support—from prototyping and proofing to production.

Any label/container combination can make a unique statement, but these are among the reliable go-tos for sheer impact:

  • Shrink labeling Shrink can be stunning, with higher-end graphics, incredible detail, smooth vignettes and saturated color using a wide range of specialty inks
  • Metallics Films, inks, coatings and substrates can all produce spectacular metallic and matte/gloss effects. Striking, opulent or sleek, each has its own character
  • IML A packaging technology with a distinct quality look, in-mold labeling enables you to use all sides, including top and bottom


Product Labels