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Grocery Store Food and Beverage Labels

What Does Your “New” Shopping Experience Look Like?

Let’s think back to earlier this year, we were in the midst of potential lockdowns or illness, and many consumers overbought products. Consumers didn’t pay attention to the labels, they prioritized the product itself – not the brand, not the number per package — they …

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Inland's Neenah Facility

5 Things That May Surprise You About Inland

We shared ‘5 Things You May Not Know About Inland’ back in 2015 and we’re back to do it again! Last time we shared our product offerings, our end use markets, printing expertise and more! It’s 2020 now, and we’re updating you and sharing the …

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Adam Boehlke

Employee Spotlight: Adam Boehlke, Sourcing Project Manager

At Inland Packaging, our employees are our greatest assets.   Learn more about our team of energetic, passionate people who create breakthrough solutions that innovate the packaging industry on a daily basis! Name: Adam Boehlke Location: La Crosse, WI What is your favorite product that Inland …

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Behind the Scenes: Customer Graphics Coordinators (CGCs)

Is it just me, or in the world of printing and manufacturing, are there endless acronyms that we need to remember?  Well, here is one more for you—CGC.  At Inland our CGCs, also known as Customer Graphics Coordinators, are the all-stars that are the forefront …

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Watch Pack Expo Innovation Stage Video

Brand Protection Presentation Video

In case you missed it, watch our Pack Expo 2017 Innovation Stage presentation: Brand Protection That Doesn't Undermine Package Aesthetics here.

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