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Shrink Sleeve - Grid Test

Don’t Gamble with the Success of Your Next Shrink Sleeve Project

We’ve mentioned a time or two that shrink sleeve labels have endless benefits — haven’t we?    The perks of design versatility, the ability to label uniquely shaped containers, economic benefits, and customization…to name a few.   All good things come with their own challenges, and shrink …

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Webinar Recap Image

Decorating Plastics – Label & Packaging Solutions Webinar Recap

Inland teamed up with Plastics Technology on a webinar called “Decorating Plastics – Label and Packaging Solutions.”  Our veteran Professor Artz, led the webinar, providing a glimpse into options to best decorate your plastic bottles and containers.   Have no fear…if you weren’t able to join …

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Innovation and Partnership

Innovation and Collaboration: We Are Stronger Together

Some believe innovation is a sudden burst of creativity or a light bulb moment. “Oh, that’s brilliant!”  As if that’s all it takes, and the innovation ends after the spontaneity of the idea. But in reality, innovation is not just about the light bulb moment; …

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Flexible Packaging

4 Key Factors Keeping Flexible Packaging Growth on the Rise

Inland Packaging has been immersed in the world of flexible packaging since the early 2000’s and we’ve since seen flexible packaging expand into more diverse markets with more complex structures.  As flexible packaging becomes more prominent in the marketplace, brands excel in their branding efforts …

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Watch Pack Expo Innovation Stage Video

Brand Protection Presentation Video

In case you missed it, watch our Pack Expo 2017 Innovation Stage presentation: Brand Protection That Doesn't Undermine Package Aesthetics here.