Inland Packaging Celebrates 80th Anniversary

February 21, 2024

Inland Packaging, one of the leading primary label manufacturers in North America, is proud to announce its 80th anniversary of Glendenning family ownership. Since 1944, Inland has been committed to our customers, quality, partnership, innovation, and community.

Inland’s story started in 1906 in downtown La Crosse, WI, with early success printing commercial forms for automotive dealers. In 1944 John Glendenning, a print salesperson from Detroit, MI, partnered with two others to purchase what was then known as Inland Printing Company. In 1952, John became the sole owner and instilled the company’s mission, taking care of customers, which lives on to this day.

In 1960, Jack Glendenning, John’s son, took on a leadership role with the company. He had a vision of growth for the company. In the early 1970’s, Inland relocated into a factory on West Avenue in La Crosse that remains our headquarters today. The move allowed for new equipment that facilitated the company’s journey into labels by partnering with a major local brewery.  Growth continued throughout the following decades as did our label product offering and our manufacturing footprint.

Inland’s mission and vision included more than just company expansion.  Inland has a history of active engagement with the industry, communities, and local charities, including fostering active involvement by Inland team members.

Today, Mark Glendenning, Jack’s son, is the CEO and carries on the mission and vision set by his father and grandfather across Inland’s 7 facilities and 400 team members.

“From Inland Printing, a small commercial print shop, to Inland Packaging, one of the largest family-owned label manufacturers in the United States, we’re proud of our legacy.  Commitment to our customers, quality, innovation, partnerships, and communities has been the foundation of our success. We’re excited to continue to contribute to that legacy!”

Mark & Trent Glendenning, Mark’s son

3rd and 4th generation family owners.