Discover Digital at Pack Expo 2017

by Jackie Kuehlmann

It used to be that digital printing was only for very small volume projects. As the technology has developed however, digital has found itself a completely new place at the table. Digital is no longer the small run champion but a solution that can be paired with analog print to create a well-rounded product portfolio and marketing campaign for brands to craft an entire experience for consumers that is directly tied to their brand.

A major driver of this shift is the technology that HP has introduced with their HP 20000 digital press. When Inland first began scoping a digital press we were more focused on having a short-run solution as many are. As we began to discover all that digital has to offer, we shifted our thinking and are focused on helping our customers realize the benefits that digital brings to the table regardless of their size.

  • Increased flexibility
  • Customized packaging
  • Increased speed to market
  • Randomized designs

Digital printing can provide much more than a visual experience to your customers. When combined with social media and other campaigns, it helps bring your brand to life and creates a stronger connection between your customers and your brand.

Utilize digital printing when and where it makes sense for you:

  • Promotional or limited time campaigns/graphics
  • New product introductions that require speed to market
  • Inventory risk mitigation
  • More frequent copy/design revisions to drive sales lift
  • In combination with a social campaign to drive engagement

Digital printing allows you to have flexibility with your graphics, keeping your designs and packaging relevant to your customers. Additionally, it can mitigate risk, reduce inventories, and increase speed to market.

We are excited to partner with HP and will have some of our most recent digital work – shrink sleeves for cans – featured at their booth #6507 at the upcoming Pack Expo Show in Las Vegas. HP is also hosting an event on Tuesday, September 26th during the show – INNOVATE, INSPIRE, LEAD with HP Inc. to give you a closer look at what is new in digital print technology. We encourage you to join them to learn more, then stop by Inland’s booth #S-6535 

to chat on how we can be your digital partner and help you achieve your business objectives as well as support your marketing success.

If you haven’t already signed up for the show, we invite you to register here using our free comp code to have your registration fee waived. Once you’re registered, be sure to add us to your show agenda so you can stop by to discover what’s new and toss your name in the hat for one of the iPads that we will be giving away each day of the show.