Packaging Empowers Product Existence

by Kimberly Young

How do big brands engage the public, make an impact and keep that recognition? Having a quality product would be a popular answer, but a quality product is expected by the consumer and brands have long been preaching about quality and service. Yes, have a quality product, but riding the quality product wave won’t help you stand out or make an impact. Instead, a careful and articulate presentation of a product seems to be the most engaging for customers. How you wrap or package a product can create a deeply satisfying experience for your customers. Maybe you can think of an item you recently purchased that had you riveted with excitement before you even opened it. That is what we are after! This is what we strive to accomplish with our customers!

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s two environmental artists by the name of Christo and Jeanne- Claude de Guillebon began wrapping objects in cloth, with the idea of hiding the detail of the object to bring more attention to the things around us that become invisible. Live in an area for an extended period of time and you will find yourself developing a perceptual barrier to your surroundings, but then something changes and you notice. In their time Christo and Jeanne reminded us of the beauty we take for granted and the true value of space in our environment. Through their work wrapping spaces in nature and iconic buildings, they accomplished something most brands only dream about, impact. Bringing the collective attention of the public to the environment and how we interact with both people and structure. Essentially, this is the greatest challenge brand owners face. How to stand out and build a brand in a way that truly generates impact?

First, it starts with creative expression, the artwork and the connection of that artwork to the brand and their audience. Second, it comes down to material options and what best radiates the spirit of that product. The shape and contour of the package are as vital to standing out in the marketplace as the product itself. The third and final aspect of product impact comes from the detail within the substrates, inks, and texture, all making for the total product experience.

We simply need to change our thinking about the package being a separate part of the product and see it instead as an extension of the product experience. A creative vehicle that transports the product to the consumer. If you are looking to make an impact with your products consider partnering with a company that is not only qualified and capable but shares your creative vision as well.