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Behind the Scenes: Customer Graphics Coordinators (CGCs)

Is it just me, or in the world of printing and manufacturing, are there endless acronyms that we need to remember?  Well, here is one more for you—CGC.  At Inland our CGCs, also known as Customer Graphics Coordinators, are the all-stars that are the forefront …

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Pressure Sensitive Troubleshooting Guide

Back in October, we walked you through troubleshooting shrink. Well, we are back and ready to take on troubleshooting pressure sensitive labels! Issues for these self-adhesive labels can happen during application, placement, and post application. Whether it’s wrinkling, inconsistent placement, scuffed labels, or they aren’t …

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Labels in the Making: Cut and Stack Edition

Picture it. It’s a sunny summer day and you’re drinking your favorite bottled brew. The graphics on the front of the bottle catch your eye as you enjoy your beverage. Chances are you’re looking at a cut and stack label. While you may have experienced …

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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Scott Roob, VP of Sales

Employee Spotlight At Inland Packaging, our employees are our greatest assets.   Learn more about our team of energetic, passionate people who create breakthrough solutions that innovate the packaging industry on a daily basis! What is your favorite product that Inland produces, and why? That’s a …

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