Blow Mold Packaging

Efficient. Durable. Eye-catching.

It’s hard to choose the best attribute of blow mold packaging. Unlike label types which must be applied to a finished container, these labels are placed in the mold and become a part of the container wall itself.

The result is an integral container specific to the product, with ideal size, placement and shape of the label for maximum brand impact.

Blow mold packaging is most often employed in bottle and jug shapes used for liquids. Blow mold labels are tough, manufactured to withstand the filling, packaging, shipping and retail stressors that liquid products in particular must endure. In many cases, blow molding allows you to reduce the overall wall thickness of your container, providing raw material cost savings.

Our continuous collaboration with molders has yielded these Inland advantages:

  • Reduced blistering
  • Better performance during molding
  • Less waste
  • Brilliant graphics
  • Crisp detail
  • Choice of offset, gravure, flexo or digital printing
  • Outstanding development and transition support
Product Labels