Dairy Packaging

Labels that work hard but look amazing

Smart dairy packaging solutions don’t just happen. They are the product of smart collaboration.

It starts with priorities. What are yours? Portion control? Shelf life extension? Durability? Serving convenience? Our many dairy packaging options include solutions with exceptional brilliance, design flexibility, durability, HPP and pasteurization tolerance and wet strength.

We’ll help you deliver on what’s important for your brand, recommending substrates, size, shape, ink and coating combinations to expand functionality and visual impact and reduce waste.

  • Pressure sensitive For virtually any container material for virtually any look
  • Shrink labels Shape versatility for a wide variety of containers
  • Cut and stack Almost unlimited options for any container or environment
  • IML Container and label are integral, with all-surface branding
  • Barrier IML Shelf life extension without giving up visual impact

You can also expect exceptional brand integrity across your product line. Our highly experienced prepress team matches your brand palette, no matter which substrate, ink and coating combination you use, and our proprietary InColor system ensures precise consistency from run to run. We are a G7 Certified Master Printer.

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