MBAA Brewery Packaging Technology Course

April 27, 2016

Inland will be presenting at the Brewery Packaging Technology Course on April 27th, 2016. Mark Glendenning, CEO & Owner of Inland, will present Beer Labels 101, an introduction to label printing processes, beer label types and label quality assurance. This will be the sixth year that Mark has presented for the course, which is hosted by Master Brewers Association of the Americas.

Master Brewers Association of the Americas was formed in 1887 for the purpose of promoting, advancing, and improving the professional interest of brew and malt house production and technical personnel. Since the influx of craft brewing in the early 1990s, Inland has been partnering with MBAA to foster knowledge on beer label production and printing. The Brewery Packaging Technology Course is a two-week course covering over 30 topics relevant to brewery packaging. Other course topics include glass bottle manufacturing, beer filling technology, package inspection and food safety. This year’s course will take place at the University of Wisconsin – Madison from April 24th – May 6th. For more information on the course schedule, registration and tuition, visit