Inland Packaging Donates New VersaStudio Printer to La Crescent High School

May 30, 2023

Students are immersed into the print industry with the donation from Inland

Students at La Crescent High and Middle School are taking on another lesson in the print industry with the support of a local packaging supplier, Inland Packaging.  Inland presented La Crescent High School STEM teacher, Mark Moulton, with a check to purchase a new VersaStudio Printer.  This printer was sought out to support La Crescent’s initiatives in growing their technical education and business department.  Reenvisioning these departments will allow students to create career pathways within the courses offered.

Mark Moulton said, “The printer has been a great addition to our STEM classes along with our Trade and Industry program. It has allowed students to investigate graphic design, marketing and printable labels. They love working with the printer and have a lot of ideas to use it even more in the future.”

The new VersaStudio printer is used by the tech ed and business students to manage new projects within the classroom.  It allows students to create and manage their own brand and create products that could be directly sold for school promotion.