Pet Product Packaging

A unique consumer market

Pet product packaging must appeal to an increasingly discerning consumer.

A four-legged friend may not appreciate the details of purchase decisions made on his behalf. But if he did, he might find it fascinating. Pet product parents, as a group, have specific and sometimes urgent concerns. Inland’s packaging options are made to order.

  • Awareness of obesity, food sensitivities and other pet health issues
    Consumers now spend more time interacting with your packaging. Purchase decisions made at retail are less automatic and more thoughtful, especially when pets have special dietary needs.
  • A preference for green
    People with pets tend to have a greater appreciation for sustainable practices and organic ingredients. Green packaging and powerful branding can help communicate your sustainability commitment.
  • An expectation of quality and nutrition
    A premium look and feel supports the quality message, and clear packaging can provide added assurance of wholesomeness.

Increasingly, pet product packaging is becoming more successful in addressing the priorities of discriminating shoppers. Our IML, cut and stack, pressure sensitive and shrink labeling solutions offer creative ways for brand owners to implement their branding strategies.

Among the advantages we offer pet product brands:

  • Brilliant, consistent brand communication using our proprietary InColor management system
  • End-to-end solutions and many packaging options
  • Functional innovation for the consumer
  • Value engineering for cost-effective solutions
  • Onsite technical support to optimize production
  • A customized inventory management system

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