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We know there are some things about our health we can’t control, so we choose to focus on the things we can. That’s the idea behind self-care, and that’s the idea behind happy being®. Our mission is to share information and provide products that make it easier to be healthy.

Research-led. we’re motivated by tested, data-driven outcomes.

Relationship-based. we’re here to share what we know about taking care of our bodies and minds. through our blog & social, we’ll make it easy: you ask, we’ll share.

Doctor-recommended. we work hand-in-hand with some of the world’s best doctors to ensure that our products help our community feel happier and healthier.

We believe that being healthy ought to be more enjoyable and simple. We believe in educating people so they can make more informed decisions about their health. We believe everyone deserves products that help them live a long, happy life. And we believe in leveraging science to help us get there.

“We’ve worked with a few different label manufacturers as we’ve launched and grown the business. None of them can beat the responsiveness, attention-to-detail & professionalism that Inland brings to bear. After our first production run had to be scrapped because of faulty labels we turned to Inland to make sure that we could get a label that ran at 100 bottles/minute without any issues and Inland exceeded our expectations. Expect to be working with them for a long time.”

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