We’re proud to be a small but experienced, Chicago-based company dedicated to doing the right thing. Our mission seeks to improve people’s lives by providing great tasting drinks that promote a healthy, active lifestyle through the daily use of protein. When many large companies cut corners, we don’t. When other companies exaggerate their product benefits, we won’t. We quite simply make great tasting protein water. And we have fun doing it!

We offer a variety of protein-infused waters that contain 0g of sugar and come in refreshing fruit flavors! Our core product contains 15g of protein and is a lower calorie alternative to traditional protein shakes that are on the market. Additionally, we have other product lines that offer extra benefits such as caffeine or electrolytes. We’re out to change the way you think about protein. Forget high calories, chalky clumps, and long lists of ingredients. This is clear, fresh, fruity and clean.

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