Peel and Reseal

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Peel and Reseal closure says your product is too valuable to spill or waste. It’s always neat, fresh and ready, not tattered and torn. And reclose functionality keeps your branding intact and visible each time your product is used. That’s not lost on consumers.

Peel and Reseal is a lidding system that uses precision die cuts on printed film. The resealable label is applied over the die cut. Highly engineered and functional, Peel and Reseal film layers are combined to take on whatever your product requires.

It’s a natural for flexible packaging of all shapes and sizes and an outstanding pick as a lightweight, easy-open lidstock option for thermoform rigid or semi-rigid containers. Peel and Reseal is a chance to eliminate a formed part and the cost of a zipper or slider while adding consumer-friendly convenience and brand impact.

• Clear window into freshness for natural deli meats, salads and artisanal products
• Moisture barrier for confectionery, health and beauty
• Extended shelf life, from deli to dairy
• Serving ease and an ideal branding surface for produce and fruit
• Tamper-evident features for any food product
• Even the decorated outside layer is safe for indirect food contact

Why Inland for Peel and Reseal?

We simplify your innovation. In collaboration with our converter partners, we offer the entire production-ready solution— functional, high-impact and brand-enhancing.

Our experience creating Peel and Reseal closure systems for national brands enables us to customize for you more quickly. Our high level of development support, deep technical resources and intelligent problem-solving bring your solution to market faster.

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Peel and Reseal
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