Brand Security

Build brand trust and loyalty

It’s no secret, our on-packaging security solutions are intuitive and trustworthy. Working together we can also ensure they don’t disrupt the impact of your brand aesthetics or the customers experience with your product. Working with your brand team, we can determine the level of brand protection that is appropriate and create a customer experience that your marketing team loves while providing the security your brand needs.

If transparency builds trust with your customers, then overt layers of brand security are the way to go. They are clearly visible to anyone, cost effective, and an easy way for consumers to say ‘Yes, I trust this brand.’

If you need a behind the scenes solution, we can help you find the right one. Covert layers of brand protection are not openly acknowledged or displayed and can provide even more protection especially for anti-counterfeiting, brand authenticity, or if your brand runs the risk of a product recall. We can even layer them with overt solutions for maximum protection and deterrence.

Overt brand security options include:

  • Holographic images
  • Color changing inks (activated by a variety of ‘triggers’)
  • Tamper-evident structural design

Covert brand security options include:

  • UV fluorescing and IR inks
  • Taggent Inks
  • DNA forensic inks
  • NFC technology
  • Digital watermarks

You’ve earned your customer’s trust and loyalty. So why risk it now? We will work with you to find the right level of brand security for your packaging.

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