Digital Printing with Inland Packaging

Each consumer is unique

Shouldn’t each package be unique? Absolutely—let’s make it happen.

Inland Packaging has advanced digital technology that makes it possible to fulfill brand ambitions in a totally new way, turning mass-market brand statements into personal, relationship-building interactivity.

A new level of customization

Create effective late-stage product differentiation by producing customized versions for a single SKU. Create exceptional promotions with packaging that turns heads. Build in smart features such as interactivity, track & trace, serialization and security. With Inland’s ultra-high quality 7-ink extended color gamut and the ability to print on most any substrate, all options are open.

Now imagine using your data to create one-of-a-kind, personalized promotional packaging on the fly. Enabled by HP Smart Stream MosaicTM technology that integrates with Adobe InDesign® or Adobe Illustrator®, promotional packaging can be more targeted, more strategic and faster to market. Whether you personalize, serialize or randomize, your message and graphic components can be applied to make each piece absolutely unique. The customization is infinite.

A new level of control

Our digital capabilities help you achieve critical business objectives as well as support your marketing success. You’ll have the flexibility to completely control your inventory from launch to phase-out.

  • Determine frequency based on your packing line schedule
  • Base volume on consumer demand at the SKU level
  • Shorten lead time
  • Control versioning and revisions
  • Drive down inventory obsolescence costs

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