Valley Label Acquisition Vendor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Inland’s Acquisition of Valley Label

  1. What will the combined company be named and where will it be headquartered? Our combined organization will operate under the Inland name and the corporate headquarters will be in La Crosse, WI at Inland’s existing headquarters facility.
  1. What does the acquisition mean for the two companies The new, combined organization will operate under the Inland name. Inland chose to invest in Valley Label to create a larger and more dynamic family owned business. This larger organization will have expanded capabilities to better meet the needs of our customers while still offering the same level of quality and service they have come to expect.
  1. Will my contacts change? You will continue to work with the same people from Valley you have in the past. All of the contact information for your current Valley contacts will remain the same except our e-mail addresses will change. The convention for email addresses will be [first initial][last name]
  1. Will my purchase orders and paperwork change? Going forward, POs and paperwork will contain the Inland logo and contact information. Please see the FAQ regarding “Where do I send my invoices?” for remittance information.
  1. Where do I send my invoices to receive payment?

Please send invoices by email to
[email protected] or mail to:

Attn: Accounts Payable
2442 Progress Court
Neenah, WI 54956

  1. Who do I contact on past due invoices? Please contact Accounts Payable to be sure your invoice was received and entered for payment. 920-725-1212 or [email protected]
  1. I don’t know anything about Inland, how do I process a credit application? Please submit your request for your credit application to the Inland accounting department at [email protected]
  1. Is there anything my business needs to do differently? There are some things that will change in doing business with Inland (formerly known as Valley Label). The Inland purchasing department will provide you with specific details on how we will conduct business going forward. One item of particular note, that will be effective immediately, is that all invoices for Inland (including former Valley Label invoices) will need to be sent to the Inland Accounting department at [email protected].
  1. What is happening to Valley Label? While the name Valley will no longer be used, the people, assets and facility will remain intact and will become an Inland flexographic operations facility.
  1. Who is Inland and what do they do? Inland is a third generation, family owned company with locations in La Crosse, WI and Downingtown, PA. We are a market leading manufacturer of cut & stack, pressure sensitive, injection in-mold, blow mold and shrink labels. You can learn more about our company history, capabilities and products by visiting our website:
  1. What is the company website? The combined organization will operate under the Inland name and will utilize the Inland website:
  1. How can I learn more about Inland? The best place to learn about Inland, our history, our capabilities and our products is to visit our website
  1. What is the vision and mission of the combined company? Inland’s vision is growth—for our customers, our team members and our community. Inland creates the environment in which opportunities can be discovered and nurtured, and potential can be realized.

Our Mission

  • To be a reliable, trusted partner customers can depend on and help them realize aspirations they have for their brand
  • To form collaborative relationships, focusing all available resources on a customer’s packaging challenge
  • To seek new solutions, processes and opportunities within the packaging market by constantly advancing our capabilities
  • To nurture, inspire and develop individual employees so they receive personal satisfaction from their work
  • To create an open, respectful environment where information is shared and teamwork is encouraged
  • To improve our community by contributing to its economic, social and environmental life, as an organization and as individuals.
  • To integrate continuous process improvement, standardization and analysis into every area of our operations
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