Ready For What’s Next at Inland


From shiny gadgets to record-breaking attempts – everybody loves something new and exciting.

That “something” has been secretly falling into place here at Inland for the last several months. For those of you that know us, our company has always been about embracing what’s next. It’s just something that comes from within. Hard to explain really… but our customers get it.

From local commercial printer to global label supplier, our 70 year history has seen a lot of transform and growth. But with growth comes great responsibility (err, something like that) and that’s why, once again, we’re up for the challenge. We’ve decided to take our extensive label knowledge and dive head-first into the next pool of possibilities. Who’s with us?

Join us for our announcement on what’s next for Inland Label (and our customers) on March 2nd. For now we can tell you three things…

It’s friendly. It’s approachable. It’s Inland.

…And now it’s official! See our new brand launch news release here.