Packaging Pressure Sensitive Labels

A favorite of best-dressed products, including some show-offs

One of the most popular labeling methods, pressure sensitive labels (PS labels) have it all. They are self-adhesive and compatible with almost any container material, shape or product type. Their core competencies are easy label application and a very low entry quantity.

Special talents of PS labels include an affinity for contoured and squeezable containers. The clear film options that open up a new world of possibilities, revealing more of the product inside. They are an optimal choice for food, beverage, wine and spirits, household chemicals and automotive.

The advantages with Inland Packaging as your PS label partner:

  • Flexographic printing for economical short runs
  • Backside printing, resealable, foil stamping, scratch n sniff, textured inks, perforations and many more label enhancements
  • Brand integrity through our proprietary color management and quality assurance protocols
  • Specialty die-cutting to create distinctive brand-supporting shapes
  • Virtually unlimited substrate options, including white, craft and metalized paper; clear, white and metalized films
  • Production-focused support
  • Quick turnaround times

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Pressure Sensitive
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