Value Engineering

The optimizing never stops

Value engineering is a driving principle at Inland. We begin with the premise that improvement is always possible, then fold it into our operations. All our operations.

Rejecting the concept of status quo, our production and sales teams, account managers, R&D and procurement people are equally charged with finding a better way. Not even our most successful solutions escape regular scrutiny.

Customers have come to expect our ongoing contributions to improve their packaging, lean out waste and reduce cost. It’s no wonder. We’ve calculated they save between 4% and 5% annually through joint value engineering initiatives for their packaging.

We look for every opportunity to pause for a moment and revisit label projects. A regularly-scheduled spec review is an important process to ensure the best materials choices and processes are being used to control total cost. This involves the packaging or label itself, but also production line efficiencies that could be impacted by modifying a design.

At times, a total rethink is required, which brings in the larger customized innovation team to address new approaches, brand positioning and a fresh take on the product’s image.

Value engineering is the process of designing and producing smarter, more efficient packaging. It can involve:

  • Downgauging substrates without losing a quality feel
  • Adjusting trim size, even slightly
  • Changing press configurations to achieve the same look at less cost
  • Making ink, coating or substrate substitutions
  • Improving production with faster or more efficient application of labels
  • Transitioning to another label or packaging type


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