5 Things You May Not Know About Inland


We’ve been told to never judge a book by its cover. At Inland our story spans 70+ years and as you can imagine, at lot has changed since we first opened our doors on the corner of 2nd and Main Street in La Crosse, Wisconsin. To give everyone a better look at what Inland is all about we decided to share five things you may not know about us.

  1. Scope of service

Historically we’ve been known as the cut and stack label provider. Having built our label business within the beer industry back in the 1970s, it makes sense – and it’s something that we’re immensely proud of. Yet the last two decades have proven that Inland has truly diversified its print capabilities. Today many of our customers find value in the fact that we are a full service provider – with offerings that now include state-of-the-art pressure sensitive, in-mold, roll-fed and shrink labels, as well as flexible packaging. Recent acquisitions have also grown our scope of service – particularly in the pressure sensitive realm where our Pennsylvania facility continues to push the envelope on PSL constructions and utilization.

  1. Product portfolio

While print offerings play a part in providing quality labels and packaging, so does market experience. Packaging compliance, labeling needs and consumer preference are just a few of the elements that can vary significantly between markets. Take for instance the growing demand for pressure sensitive and flexible packaging in the food industry, where ease of use and functionality are of the essence. At Inland we serve dozens of industries – including food, beverage, consumer goods and private label (just to name a few).

  1. Print expertise

Many print providers are willing to tote that their print expertise goes above and beyond the industry standards. But can they prove it? At Inland we have a proprietary color management system that safeguards brand integrity across multiple printing platforms. Even better – we pair this technology with field experts who have an average production tenure of 8+ years and press operator tenure of 15+ years. We’re also G7 Master Certified, an internationally recognized standard for calibrating printing presses. Needless to say, we have some of the most experienced label printing professionals in our facilities.

  1. Value add

Speaking of print expertise, there’s a lot more to labels than just substrate and ink. At Inland we take pride in the long list of supply chain partnerships we have built so that our customers not only receive quality labels, but cutting-edge enhancements. Whether flash inks, foil, tactile varnish, matte and gloss finishes or thermochromic features – we’ve got you covered. We also continuously invest in our equipment so that we can provide the best of flexo, offset, gravure and digital printing, including recent trends like peal and reveal, peal and reseal, extended content and backside printing.

  1. Customer retention

What’s the ultimate test of label and packaging provider success? Retaining quality business. At Inland, we’ve seen a reoccurring annual customer retention rate of over 97% during the last five years – all while growing organic sales at a year-over-year average pace of 10 million dollars. This doesn’t even include the booming pressure sensitive business we acquired at the end of last year. With momentum like this we’re fortunate enough to reinvest over 30 million dollars back into our company in the last 18 months alone. It all ties directly back to our company’s vision – being in the business of helping our customers grow.

We’re extremely proud of the history we’ve built at Inland, but I think we’re all in agreement that we’re just on the cusp of something great. Wouldn’t you agree?

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