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Smart Packaging

Tricia Sime, Packaging Innovation Director at Inland, answers smart packaging questions and discusses what inspired her to develop her latest innovation newsletter on the subject.

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Cut & Stack Labeling Nightmares Part 2

We’re back – with some cut and stack vengeance. A few weeks ago, in Cut & Stack Labeling Nightmares Part 1, we shared with you the tribulations of label curl, label flagging, size variation and label scuffing. Yet there are a few other cut and …

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Cut and Stack Labeling Nightmares Part I

Ever wake-up in a cold sweat worrying about the runnability of your cut and stack labels? Likely not… but runnability issues are definitely something that can cause some serious frustration when it happens. And if you do happen to be that unlucky soul worrying about …

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CB2: Collaboration on Biobased Products

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It’s something we’ve all heard for years. Yet as consumers, buyers, manufacturers – are we getting any closer to a place of sustainability? It’s of no surprise now that consumers want more sustainable products. Take the study by Nielsen that showed 55% …

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