End-to-end Development Support

The confidence to reach for what’s next

Spending time in uncharted territory is what innovation is about. Still, no one enjoys the technical issues that can come with new packaging development, except us. We’re able to solve problems and remove roadblocks because we’ve been there. With every project, brand owners benefit with a shorter, smoother development process.

That’s the value of collaboration—having highly capable, experienced partners to help move concepts forward from ideation to trouble-free production.

We will get you to market with your new concepts, fast. Our R&D group is organized into cross-functional teams, each championed by an experienced project manager. They have a wide variety of technical resources available including a fully equipped lab and the support of a staff chemist.

Our bench gets even deeper with strategic partners who represent every aspect of packaging and every link in the supply chain. Successful use of advanced packaging technologies like in-mold labeling (IML) depend on full mastery of many interconnected processes that are part of production. Each one of them has to be intelligently applied, from smart filling to efficient molding operations.

We really know our way around new product development—from the fuzzy front end when you wonder if it’s too early to bring someone in, all the way to the celebratory launch when you know you made the right call.

We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry, inventory management systems tuned to your needs and we give you greater control than ever with our customer web portal. Have you ever been supported from beginning to end with your new product development? It’s a good time to start.

What’s great about partnering is that we can proceed with high confidence that those same substrates, coatings or laminations will transfer seamlessly to the production environment.

– Roman Artz / Technical Products Manager, Inland
Product Labels