Easy does it

Protection and storage would be in packaging’s mission statement, if packaging cared to have one. But in terms of consumer demand, convenience comes first. Everyone wants packaging functionality.

Consumers want it easy—easy-squeeze, easy-serve, easy-open and easy-reclose. These attributes are more than user-friendly. They are differentiators that can breathe new life into an established line or disrupt a whole category.

Additional opportunities often emerge with a functionality-driven solution, among them extended shelf life, better durability and design flexibility in getting to that solution. Leveraging the innate features of a specific packaging type can add game-changing value. Let’s say you’re considering an IML solution and reclosability is on the list. You could make it microwaveable, too. We’ll help you identify those opportunities.

The other side of functionality is far from the retail shelf. It’s in your production process. The guidance we offer is backed by a solid knowledge of the filling and processing operations for all kinds of products.

Significant advantages in working with Inland Packaging:

  • Our experience in many packaging types gives us an understanding of the full range of options
  • We are knowledgeable about food processing methods, so we understand the bigger picture
  • We have the resources internally and externally to provide end-to-end support
  • Customization is represented in all new packaging solutions
  • Our new product development process is the most efficient path to a great solution

We knew we could work together to create the best and most innovative solution that could be had.

– Bob Travis / President/CEO, inkWorks, founding member and president of the In-Mold Decorating Association
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