Design Flexibility

Branding takes center stage

Our extensive capabilities give you the package design flexibility you need. We support you in creating beautiful, impactful branding for emphatic differentiation in the retail environment.

Equally beautiful is brand consistency across all label and packaging types. Our extraordinary palette-matching ability and proprietary color management system make sure of that. Explore the options with us, then partner with Inland to realize your vision. You’ll have our technical expertise behind you all the way to your launch and after that.

  • With shrink labeling, it’s easy to make a powerful statement when your image hugs an iconic shape
  • With IML, your real estate includes the bottom, leaving more room for your branding
  • With pressure sensitive, you can dress up or dress down, go minimalist or dazzling
  • With cut and stack, you have economy, quality and a world of options including spectacular effects
  • With blow mold, your branding can float on a background of delicious product
  • Smart packaging gives your packaging a new repertoire of abilities, from color-changing ink to security features to lighting up when touched

Go ahead, brand owners. Demand what you really want, the package design flexibility to pursue your vision. We’ll respond with a great solution.

Today is a different world in that between the two of us, we have enough experience and background so instead of having to trial candidate material, we pretty much know by the type of application what material to start with in the first place.

– Bob Travis / President/CEO, inkWorks, founding member and president of the In-mold Decorating Association
Product Labels